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Rev Up Show

Rev Up Show 2021

Rev Up is Icario’s annual healthcare innovation conference—an event designed for change makers, innovators, and thinkers who are passionate about making an impact in healthcare. We’re excited to bring this event back next year, under a new name – Trailblaze 2022! We’re busy planning, but will have more information to share with you soon.

In the meantime, take a look at what our 2021 virtual event had to offer! It featured 3 live webinars, with an opening keynote from Aneesh Chopra.

Rev Up began with a keynote session on Tuesday, September 14th at 1 PM CT from Aneesh Chopra, the first Chief Technology Officer of the United States. This session, “Innovative State: Technology Breakthroughs Making Healthcare Better and New Uses for Data” explored:

  • Future possibilities for data innovation to improve key growth markets, including health care, energy, and education
  • How public data and private-sector analytic techniques can improve matchmaking between employers, job seekers, and training programs
  • Insights on how organizations can apply similar approaches to develop new products and deploy innovative services to meet growing customer demands

On Tuesday, September 21st at 1 PM CT we hosted, “Making the Member Experience Matter – Real Stories Behind Healthcare Engagement”. At the heart of healthcare lies the reason we do what we do—people. This session focused on member stories. Our panel discussed how we use data, research, and engagement to shape the member experience, why personalization in healthcare engagement matters, and the impact we can have when we meet members where they are.

  • R.J. Briscione, Senior Director of SDoH Strategy & Execution, CVS | Aetna
  • Cyrus Batheja, National Vice President, Enterprise Transformation and Strategic Solutions, UnitedHealth Group
  • Louise Briguglio, SVP, Integrated Experience, Icario, Moderator

Rev Up 2021’s finale session on Tuesday, September 28th at 1 PM CT featured a live interview with healthcare’s leading voices discussing social determinants of health. This session, “Small Steps to Big Wins – SDoH Interview on Health Equity, Digital Divide, and Other Hot Topics” highlighted the big picture of SDoH, while offering tactical steps health plans can take to make bigger strides, faster. Our panelists covered a lot of ground in this session—discussing everything from health equity to the newest “super determinant”, and dove into policies that are influencing innovation and new programs.

  • John Gorman, Chairman, Nightingale Partners & Former Assistant Director of the Office of Managed Care (now CMS)
  • Andrey Ostrovsky, Managing Partner, Social Innovation Ventures & Former Chief Medical Officer of the US Medicaid Program
  • Michael Calogero, Chief Growth Officer, GA Foods
  • Sara Ratner, SVP, Government Programs & Strategic Initiatives, Icario, Moderator

Don’t miss our 2021 promo video below to get hyped up for what’s in store at future events!