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The Icario Agent Portal simplifies the Medicare Advantage enrollment process, providing agents and brokers with a seamless platform to more efficiently capture health risk assessments (HRAs). The intuitive features and streamlined workflows of the Icario Agent Portal will:

  • Enhance member experiences
  • Increase HRA completion rates dramatically
  • Build stronger relationships between brokers and health plans.

Seamless Enrollment Experiences

Integrated HRAs

Incorporate health risk assessments seamlessly into the plan sign-up process to achieve significantly more HRA completions.

Personal Connection

Build rapport with members through live sales agents, fostering greater trust and more meaningful engagement.

Quick Access

Provide new members with immediate access to engagement programs, education, and incentives to boost important metrics during enrollment and afterward.

Improved HRA Experiences

Controlled User Lists

Health plans maintain user lists to enable targeted outreach for higher completion rates.

Enrollment Integration

Integrate HRAs into the enrollment process, accelerating completion during enrollment periods.

Optimized Resources

Empower sales agents to complete HRAs in a timely manner, helping to maximize resources and outcomes.

User-Friendly Agent Tool

Application Tracking

Easily track completed applications for more efficient management of enrollment.

Mobile Optimization

Access the portal seamlessly on mobile devices, enhancing flexibility and accessibility.

Real-Time Validation

Validate data in real-time, reducing errors and ensuring accuracy.

Multilingual Support

Cater to diverse member needs with support for multiple languages.

Broker Incentives

Strengthen broker loyalty through additional incentives and rewards.

Empower Your Agents and Enhance the Enrollment Experience

Discover how Icario’s Agent Portal can streamline HRA capture and drive better health outcomes for your members. Contact us today to learn more and schedule a demo.

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