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Gaps in care represent missed opportunities for preventive screenings, chronic disease management, and overall health improvement. At Icario, we offer innovative solutions uniquely tailored to identify and close these gaps. Our focus is on delivering results that lead to better quality scores and health outcomes for each plan’s Medicare and Medicaid populations. 

As Star Ratings and quality metrics shift to reflect benefit utilization and health outcomes, clinical programs that close gaps in care are rapidly gaining importance.  

Annual Wellness Visits (AWVs) are a crucial component for clinical programs focused on closing gaps in care. AWVs can increase member participation in preventive health action, provide earlier detection of chronic diseases, and offer more opportunities for important advanced care planning.  

At Icario, we know that AWVs significantly impact quality scores, risk adjustment, and member satisfaction—our statistics prove it. Roughly 70% of Medicare members and 81% of Medicaid members complete an AWV before engaging in further high-value health activities.   

Why Choose Icario for Gaps in Care Programs?  

Icario’s long track record of success, combined with data from over 100 million member touchpoints, demonstrates our unmatched expertise in closing gaps in care. An approach that utilizes our personalized engagement platform, broad and deep data insights, and the latest in behavioral science has been proven time and again to drive more meaningful health actions, close gaps in care, and improve overall health outcomes.  

Predictive Interventions

Icario incorporates leading-edge predictive behavioral science to identify gaps in care and pinpoint opportunities for targeted interventions. By combining whole-person data with the most advanced data analytics models, Icario can design interventions that predict and prevent gaps in care before they become a problem. Our proprietary engagement platform offers comprehensive feedback and reporting mechanisms to capture the most powerful insights and use them to improve results continuously.   

Targeted Outreach

Approaching data from a whole person perspective gives Icario the edge in designing highly personalized, robust outreach programs. Our innovative, personalized approach to AWVs, health risk assessments, and other programs designed to close gaps in care builds trust. Authentic relationships between a plan and its members motivate more health action now and in the future.   

Gap Closure Results

Our Gaps in Care programs have consistently delivered measurable results for health plans. By improving HEDIS measures and closing care gaps, Icario helps plans:  

  • Achieve higher Star Ratings 
  • Significantly increase member satisfaction 
  • Drive better health outcomes for their members

Icario’s Approach to Closing Gaps in Care 

Identifying Gaps in Care

Whole person data better informs health risk assessments and AWVs to identify care gaps across populations. This comprehensive approach helps target each member’s individual needs within diverse groups while offering plans a view of metrics across the entire member population. 

Predictive Analytics for Omnichannel Outreach

At Icario, we leverage advanced predictive analytics and new approaches to propensity modeling to design the most effective outreach strategies. This includes specific tactics tailored to each member’s engagement likelihood and risk profile.   

Rewards & Incentives

Strategic rewards and incentives are thoughtfully designed to motivate members to take healthy action. These might include scheduling annual wellness visits, completing health risk assessments, or taking other essential actions to improve each member’s health outcomes.   

Population Reporting and Insights

Through comprehensive population reporting and deep insights, we can capture a holistic view of health across even the largest member populations. Superior health outcomes are achieved by addressing specific needs identified through ongoing data analysis powered by our proprietary engagement platform.  

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