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The Health Equity Index (HEI) is a new addition to the CMS Star Ratings program. The HEI is designed to help Medicare Advantage plans address health disparities and promote more equitable healthcare.

Beginning with service dates in 2024 and implemented with the 2027 Star Ratings, the HEI will reward plans that demonstrate improved outcomes for members with Social Risk Factors (SRF). This includes people receiving a low-income subsidy (LIS), dually eligible (DSNP) for Medicare and Medicaid, and members with disabilities. The HEI initiative highlights CMS’s commitment to ensuring that all members receive high-quality care, no matter their social circumstances.

How Icario Can Help

With data compiled from literally millions of member interactions, Icario has more information about vulnerable populations than anyone else.  Health plans partnering with Icario build a much deeper understanding of their dual eligible membership, members qualifying for subsidies, and others with disabilities. With Icario, plans are well-positioned to gain the highest HEI rewards possible.  

Data-Driven Insights for Health Equity

Icario’s rich member data offers profound insights into social risk factors and health disparities. By pinpointing member segments with lower preventive care visits, for example, health plans can implement targeted outreach and educational programs. Our approach enhances access to preventive care, improves HEI scores, and fosters better health outcomes.

Addressing social determinants of health (SDoH), such as economic stability, education, and access to healthcare, is a crucial success factor for these targeted strategies.

Predictive Behavioral Science for Enhanced Health Equity

Icario’s predictive behavioral science tools help design targeted strategies that can anticipate member actions. By understanding what drives member behavior, we develop personalized interventions that improve compliance and health outcomes, particularly for vulnerable populations.

Comprehensive Engagement Platform

Icario’s proprietary engagement platform integrates advanced analytics, personalized content, and reward strategies to motivate members to take healthy actions. Our omnichannel approach ensures effective communication, increasing engagement and satisfaction among members with social risk factors. A powerful combination of deep data insights, predictive analytics, and omnichannel outreach translates into a profound, positive impact on HEI scores.

Star Navigator Tool

Star Navigator

Learn how Icario’s Star Navigator tool can give your team key insights into which opportunities will make the biggest impact in your health action strategy.

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