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Rewards and incentives (R&I) play a crucial role in motivating members to take positive health actions that improve member engagement and boost health outcomes. Icario’s proprietary engagement platform uses predictive analytics, advanced segmentation, and the latest behavioral science to design powerful rewards programs.  

With years of experience and insights from over 100 million member touchpoints, we understand the unique needs of Medicare and Medicaid member populations.  

At Icario, we approach data from a whole person perspective, gathering deep insights to tailor Rewards & Incentive programs to each member’s needs. By delivering helpful content and personalized offerings, Icario’s programs engage members more meaningfully, moving them to take health action.  

For members, this means closing care gaps more quickly, driving better health outcomes.  

For health plans, the result is higher ROI for programs and stronger performance on quality measures. 

More Reasons to Choose Icario for Rewards & Incentive Programs 

Rewards & Incentives programs designed by Icario leverage the experience and knowledge from millions of member interactions.  Our proprietary engagement platform deploys advanced data analytics based on proven behavioral science, designing and implementing only the most effective engagement strategies.  

Whether getting a diabetic eye exam or an A1C test, the experts at Icario understand how to motivate members to take health actions important for their unique situation. Our whole person approach to data creates personalized touchpoints that maximize investment while driving more dynamic member experiences.  

Data-Driven Rewards Customization 

With access to massive data sets combined with our proprietary, proven data analytics capabilities, the team at Icario can predict member behavior based on their unique needs and desires. As a result, our rewards programs resonate with each member, engaging them meaningfully and driving desirable health actions this year and the next.   

Predictive Incentive Strategies 

Utilizing predictive behavioral science, Icario crafts reward strategies that resonate deeply with members. By understanding what motivates different segments of your population, we can anticipate member actions and design targeted incentives. This approach helps close care gaps, encourages proactive health management, and enhances member well-being. 

Proprietary Engagement Platform 

Our proprietary engagement platform delivers more impactful rewards and incentives via personalized, omnichannel interactions. The Icario platform deploys advanced data analytics to optimize each unique touchpoint, creating member experiences that enhance satisfaction while driving significant health improvements. 

Our proven approach to Rewards & Incentives programs delivers predictable, unparalleled performance. Our long track record of results offers confidence that Icario’s Rewards & Incentives programs will also deliver strong ROI. 

Rewards & Incentives Results

Our Rewards & Incentives programs have consistently delivered measurable results for health plans. By leveraging data-driven program design, personalized offerings, and flexible incentive options, we have helped our partners achieve higher retention rates, improved Star Ratings, and better health outcomes for their members. 

Building Powerful Rewards & Incentives Strategies  

Icario follows a proven process backed by the latest behavioral science. Our whole person approach to data analytics helps us design personalized, powerful rewards strategies.   

How Icario Achieves Extraordinary Results for Plans

First, we ask the most important questions:  

  • How many members can take the desired action?
  • What level of effort is required to take the action?  
  • What obstacles might prevent members from taking action?  

With these Key Inputs, we gain an understanding of what’s most important—the potential total value for your plan.  

Next, we implement a Quality Measure Strategy based on three main objectives:  

  • Improve: Incentivizing health actions that drive improvement to the next threshold.  
  • Progress: Facilitating forward movement on measures that require more time for impactful change.  
  • Protect: Solidifying performance close on cut points that deliver the highest value.  

Finally, Icario determines the Total Reward Value. Our experience points to a direct correlation between member engagement and reward value. We also know how to design programs to optimize rewards to achieve the best results while maintaining a solid overall ROI.  

Incentive Options 

Choose from a variety of incentive options, including gift cards, ATF cards, and our multi-benefit care card. Our flexible incentive options help you design programs that resonate with your members and drive meaningful engagement while staying CMS-compliant. 

By leveraging data-driven program design, personalized offerings, and flexible incentive options, we help our partners achieve higher retention rates, improved Star Ratings, and better health outcomes for their members. 

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