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member engagement platform

Leveraging the power of behavioral science engagement, cultural competency, and AI, our platform is a first of its kind Platform-As-A-Service (PaaS) solution designed to improve member engagement and enhance health plan effectiveness. 

Our platform’s dense capabilities are encapsulated within six core functions, each tailored to deliver contextually relevant, non-abrasive engagements that close gaps in care: 

  • Analyze 
  • Segment 
  • Prioritize 
  • Personalize 
  • Activate 
  • Optimize 

How Icario’s Platform Improves Member Engagement & Health Plan Performance


Icario Insights & Trends

By leveraging advanced analytics, Icario’s platform uncovers insights and trends within your member population. This data-driven approach identifies key areas needing attention, such as gaps in care or social risk factors affecting health outcomes. 


Compliance & Data Integration

Once the data is analyzed, members are segmented based on various criteria, including health risks, engagement levels, and demographic factors. This segmentation ensures that each member receives tailored communications and interventions that are most relevant to their needs and preferences. 


Predictive Analytics & Implementation Services

Prioritization focuses on determining which interventions will provide the most significant impact. Icario’s member engagement platform harnesses predictive analytics to identify high-value healthcare activities and prioritize both member populations and member-specific interventions, maximizing health plan performance and member engagement. 


Offering Integration & Operations

Our platform uses advanced member segmentation to understand each member’s health needs and preferences, delivering customized experiences that reduce abrasion and resonate with them. Personalizing member journeys ensures that every interaction is meaningful and effective, enhancing the overall member experience. 


Omnichannel Outreach, Rewards Strategy, & Provider Engagement

Personalized communications are deployed through omnichannel outreach, combining engaging content and strategic rewards programs. These elements work together to motivate members to take positive health actions.  

Once a member is engaged, Icario enables provider engagement by prompting members to connect with a provider and sharing member profiles and care priorities, ensuring that identified risks or gaps in care are addressed directly, facilitating effective member support and engagement. 


Reporting, Analytics, & Performance Management

Icario’s platform leverages the most extensive member data set in the market, enabling health plans to benchmark their program performance against historical data and industry standards. This capability allows health plans to track the effectiveness of their interventions, make data-driven adjustments, and continuously improve outreach strategies.  

By reducing member abrasion and enhancing engagement, Icario ensures that health plans can achieve better health outcomes and meet their goals effectively. 

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Health Risk Assessments (HRA)

Gain insights and improve member health.

Leverage health assessments to identify risks, tailor interventions, and drive proactive care strategies that improve member well-being and experiences.

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Gaps in Care

Close care gaps for better health.

Utilize data-driven insights to identify and close gaps in care, ensuring members receive the necessary interventions for optimal health and quality metrics.

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Elevate satisfaction and outcomes.

Improve survey results and member experiences with targeted engagement strategies that enhance CAHPS and HOS performance, driving better health outcomes.

Rewards & Incentives

Rewards & Incentives

Motivate members to take action.

Encourage positive health behaviors through personalized rewards and incentives, driving member engagement and improving overall plan performance.