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CAHPS (Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems) and HOS (Health Outcomes Survey) are two crucial measures that impact the Star Ratings of Medicare Advantage plans. While CAHPS focuses on members’ experiences with healthcare providers and health plans, HOS evaluates each member’s perception of their physical and mental health over time.  CAHPS and HOS will soon be the primary contributors to nearly a third of a Medicare Advantage plan’s overall Star Rating. 

Icario offers tailored solutions designed to boost CAHPS and HOS survey results, significantly improving Star Ratings, member experiences, and financial results simultaneously.  

Why CAHPS & HOS Matter

Improving CAHPS and HOS scores can have tremendous impacts on your plan. For example:  

  • Medicare Advantage Quality Bonus Payments have more than quadrupled since 2015.  
  • CAHPS scores were the main contributor to poor performances by H-Plans in 2024 Star Ratings.  
  • CMS and NCQA base ratings on double-weighted scores for CAHPS.  

In 2025, CAHPS and HOS will account for 28% of a plan’s Medicare Advantage Star Rating.  

More Plans Choose Icario for CAHPS & HOS  

Icario leverages data from over 100 million member touchpoints to enhance CAHPS and HOS performance. We combine a unique whole person approach to data with the latest predictive analytics. As a result, Icario ensures high survey completion rates and improved member satisfaction while maintaining strict adherence to regulatory compliance.  

Behavioral Science-Driven Improvement Strategies 

Our predictive behavioral science tools optimize outreach and reward sequences, motivating members to take action and engage, such as completing pre-CAHPS and pre-HOS surveys. By understanding the key factors that influence member satisfaction and health outcomes, we design highly targeted interventions for each component of CAHPS and HOS. 

Personalized Member Engagement 

Icario’s proprietary engagement platform integrates whole person data to tailor touchpoints and interventions. Using omnichannel outreach, we engage members in the least abrasive and most effective ways, ensuring they complete surveys and other desired actions. This personalized approach increases member satisfaction and encourages positive health behaviors, directly impacting CAHPS and HOS performance. 

Comprehensive Member Feedback Analysis 

Utilizing advanced data analytics, we uncover trends and identify areas for improvement. These insights inform tailored interventions and optimize engagement strategies, enhancing final CAHPS and HOS results. This approach helps plans deliver meaningful member experiences and improve performance metrics. 

Measurable Results in CAHPS & HOS 

Our CAHPS & HOS programs consistently deliver measurable results for Medicare Advantage plans. By improving member satisfaction, health perception, and overall outcomes, Icario partners consistently achieve higher Star Ratings. 

Our Approach to CAHPS & HOS  

Pre-CAHPS & Pre-HOS Surveys 

Pre-CAHPS and pre-HOS surveys provide valuable insights into a plan’s current performance and areas for improvement. Baseline data on member satisfaction and perception allow us to identify areas for improvement and tailor effective interventions quickly.  

Predictive algorithms help create personalized member action plans for everyone who completes the survey.  This builds deeper trust between each member and their plan and delivers better results when it’s time for the official CAHPS and HOS surveys.  

 8-Topic Member Connection Series  

Our member connection series delivers uplifting, positive content on health, wellness, and social topics to improve each member’s perception of their physical and mental health. Proactive outbound calls and personalized messaging improve the relationship between member and plan, resulting in higher response rates when it really matters.  

Rewards & Incentives

Icario rewards and incentives are powerful tools tailored to member population preferences and needs. As a result, members are highly motivated to provide valuable feedback and engage quickly with plan initiatives.   

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