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Icario’s approach to Health Risk Assessments (HRAs) is grounded in a comprehensive strategy proven to optimize member outcomes and boost health plan performance. We accomplish results using a unique integration of advanced analytics, personalized interventions, and continuous analysis via our proprietary member engagement platform.  

Why Choose Icario for Your Health Risk Assessment Program?  

With over 60 million member touchpoints informing our strategy, Icario’s HRA program delivers unparalleled insights and engagement. Our comprehensive approach ensures high completion rates, regulatory compliance, and improved health outcomes by integrating vast data resources, predictive behavioral insights, and an innovative engagement platform. 

High Completion Rates

Utilizing vast data resources and predictive analytics to engage members effectively. 

Regulatory Compliance

Ensuring all processes meet CMS guidelines and industry standards. 

Improved Health Outcomes

Implementing personalized interventions that drive meaningful health actions.  

Icario’s Integrated Member Engagement Strategy  

Our strategy for member engagement is seamlessly integrated into our Health Risk Assessment programs. Icario’s HRA includes a dynamic feedback look that deepens personalization and boosts member engagement individually and across entire member populations.  

Icario’s approach combines predictive analytics, member action plans (MAP), and population reporting and insights.  

  • Predictive Analytics: Advanced propensity modeling techniques fed by data-driven insights segment members to predict their likelihood to engage. This offers increasingly personalized intervention and communication sequencing to meet each member’s individual preferences.  
  • Member Action Plan (MAP): Icario’s member-facing action plans are tailored to each member’s health needs and risks. Plus, they’re continuously updated based on survey responses and feedback to drive more targeted interventions and improve care management.  
  • Population Reporting and Insights: Icario’s engagement platform offers comprehensive reporting and insights based on important metrics. This typically includes completion and compliance rates, channel utilization, touchpoints, and other data that drive better decisions and continuous improvement in every area of the HRA program.   

Digital-First, Omnichannel Communications  

Icario’s data-driven, integrated member engagement strategy is proven to drive dramatic improvements in ratings and health outcomes. With optimal outreach channel sequencing, digital survey tools, and predictive data insights, Icario delivers an unparalleled member experience that drives greater HRA completion while reducing unnecessary overhead.  

Icario prioritizes digital channels as the primary mode of member engagement. Our HRA programs leverage advanced predictive insights that target specific channels such as email, SMS, and Interactive Voice. In addition, Icario employs traditional methods like direct mail and live agents to reach members when they are most responsive and accessible.  

Digital-first doesn’t mean digital only. Icario’s approach to HRAs involves deep, strategic integration of data insights, digital and traditional channel preferences, and predictive analytics to create effective, personalized member interactions. As a result, we can:  

  • Remove barriers to care, especially those related to SDoH factors 
  • Drive personalization at scale 
  • Deploy feedback loops to improve engagement strategies continuously  
  • Ensure each plan member feels understood and supported in their own health journey 

These and more help Icario’s HRA programs deliver some of the industry’s highest completion and compliance rates.   

It’s true: Icario has set the standard for personalized, predictive member engagement.  

Rewards & Incentives 

Unique by design, Icario offers rewards and incentives (R&I) that drive HRA completion to meet annual compliance requirements. Each program is fully compliant with CMS Rewards & Incentives guidelines. Icario HRA programs use data-driven insights to target rewards and incentives for each member while avoiding discrimination and providing uniform offerings to all eligible enrollees.  

Learn more about Icario’s unique R&I programs and our Benefits Care Card.  

Icario HRA Program Results for Medicare, Medicaid, and D-SNP Markets 

At Icario, we understand variabilities in HRA complexity and compliance across all plan types. Our integrated member engagement strategies have resulted in significant improvements in HRA completion rates for plans across the major markets. Our statistics within each market showcase the flexibility and accessibility of Icario’s engagement methods.  

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