NovuHealth, the healthcare industry’s leading consumer engagement company, today announced a Rapid Response Engagement Solution to help health plans communicate with members quickly and effectively during times of need, such as the current global COVID-19 pandemic.

During a crisis like the pandemic, people are inundated by information from a variety of sources and can easily be confused by outdated or inaccurate data. Health plans are in a unique position to connect their members with the information, resources, and benefits they need. However, many health plans face challenges to share this information quickly and effectively with their members.

“Our COVID-19 Rapid Response Engagement Solution fills a need many health plans have,” said Eileen Cianciolo, Chief Product Officer at NovuHealth. “It leverages our omni-channel communications platform to deliver vital information and resources to members using channels they prefer and that deploy quickly, such as email, interactive voice response (IVR), direct mail, and soon, SMS.”

With NovuHealth’s Rapid Response Engagement Solution, health plans can:

  • Educate members about critical information, including preventive measures, signs and symptoms, and where to go for the latest updates;
  • Connect members to valuable plan resources, such as nurse lines, telehealth tools and tips on how to avoid stress, isolation and loneliness; and
  • Reassure members that their health plan is there for them, offering support, guidance and crucial resources.

Health plans can use NovuHealth’s solution to communicate quickly to all members, while also prioritizing at-risk populations for increased communication, such as seniors, mom-and-baby populations, members with pre-existing conditions, and those living in regional hot spots. The content can be tailored to a plan’s unique needs, and additional rounds of communication can be added over time, so plans can meet their members’ changing needs as the pandemic evolves.

NovuHealth’s solution can also have a longer-term positive impact on health plans and their members. “Communicating early and effectively with members during the pandemic is not only recommended by the CDC, it may also have a positive impact on long-term member satisfaction and retention,” said Cianciolo.

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