When we think of traditional health engagement what comes to mind is the process of reaching members and patients, not engaging people on an individual level. This mindset is at odds with how we are trying to engage. As an industry healthcare is moving in a direction that’s about humanizing engagement, personalizing outreach methods, and creating unique communication plans based on individual preferences.

New content by TT Capital Partners talks about this change in Redefining Engagement in the Age of Healthcare Consumerism. The post, authored by healthcare financial experts Tim Scallen, Adam Letson, and Ian Goodwin, discusses the future of engagement and the role of technology in delivering the right message at the right time on an individual level, rather than a whole population.

Learn how technology is driving personalization and ultimately, transforming engagement:

Many other industries have already embraced this population of one engagement method. For healthcare it’s not a matter of if, it’s a matter of when. In fact, the authors point to a few companies in the healthcare space—Icario included—that have already started disrupting healthcare. What’s clear from the TT Capital Partners piece is that companies are beginning to shift to a more humanized approach—both from a technology and a health engagement perspective.

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