Icario, the nation’s leading healthcare consumer engagement, communication, and technology company, and TruHearing, the market leader in hearing benefits, today announced a partnership designed to drive health plan members to take action for their hearing health.

According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), hearing loss, when left untreated, is the third most common chronic physical health issue that affects more people than diabetes or cancer. Together, to drive health plan members to care for their hearing health, TruHearing and Icario announced a multi-channel digital messaging program aimed to inform members about options to address hearing loss, reduce logistical barriers, such as where to go or how to schedule an appointment, and ultimately, drive healthy action.

“The average time between an individual becoming aware of hearing loss and addressing it is six years. Hearing loss can be frustrating and stressful, and we’re honored to be TruHearing’s chosen partner to bring awareness to hearing health options and ultimately, empower members to take action sooner to get help with their hearing.”


Steve Wigginton

CEO, Icario

“Hearing loss collectively impacts about 38 million Americans. We’ve found that nearly 28.8 million U.S. adults would benefit from wearing hearing aids and aren’t seeking them out,” said TruHearing SVP, Sales & Account Management, Rob Gibbs.

“Our partnership with Icario will allow us to better connect with health plan members through personalized messaging that moves them to address their hearing concerns and learn more about their options.”


Rob Gibbs

SVP Sales & Account Management, TruHearing

Today, more than 130 million Americans, or about one-third, have access to affordable hearing aids because their health plan offers them TruHearing. With a mission to improve the lives of Americans with hearing loss by offering affordable hearing healthcare services and hearing aids, TruHearing works with health plans, hearing healthcare professionals, and top-rated hearing aid manufacturers to connect members to affordable hearing healthcare. Often the first, and arguably most important, step is for members to get their hearing checked.

TruHearing has found that nearly 80% of members reported that they have smart phones and are engaged on digital platforms. Utilizing this insight, Icario and TruHearing will soon launch the first wave of their digital communications program to reach members via a multi-channel approach including text, email, interactive voice (IVR), and mail to communicate the importance of scheduling a hearing check appointment and reviewing hearing aid options.

Icario’s health action platform uses data science, behavioral research, and multi-channel tools to investigate the social barriers and personal attributes that impact health plan members to take action to schedule and complete a hearing check appointment or hearing aid consultation. Then, based on each member’s unique needs, the platform’s advanced technology builds targeted multi-channel digital communications that prompt members to engage with resources and take health action in real time, ultimately driving healthier outcomes in relation to hearing health and hearing aid needs.

About TruHearing

TruHearing is the leader in hearing healthcare benefits serving more than 130 million people nationwide. Headquartered in Draper, Utah, TruHearing has been improving lives by making hearing healthcare more affordable for more than 16 years. TruHearing’s highly qualified network of hearing care providers combined with the most extensive and technologically advanced hearing aid selection, white-glove service, and pre- and post-care support delivers the best value and service to payors and people with hearing health challenges. For more information, visit the TruHearing website.

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