Breaking Down Social Determinants of Health – Data, Leadership, and What’s Next

In this strategy-focused panel, our panel of thought leaders share how easy it is to get overwhelmed thinking about where to start when it comes to SDoH. But, they get tactical—sharing their strategies, insights, and real experiences to help you get started.

You’ll Learn:

  • How a disaster like COVID-19 exacerbates SDoH and brings new barriers and health impacts to light
  • Solutions in data and analytics to make meaningful strides
  • What the near future holds and predictions for the rest of 2020


  • Adaeze Enekwechi, PhD, MPP, President, IMPAQ
  • RJ Briscione, Senior Director, Social Determinants of Health Strategy & Execution, CVS Health | Aetna
  • Sara Ratner, Government Programs Advisory Council Member, Icario
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