A Breakthrough Test Seeks a Health Action Program That Does the Same

Our client, a nationally recognized health plan, sought a better way to close the colorectal cancer screening gap. Even with a new and simpler screening kit, their initial program yielded less than a 2% return rate. So they tasked Icario to drive better results and save more lives.


Driven by Good Old Smarts and the Latest in Healthcare Technology

First, we streamlined the distribution process to guarantee the right people received a screening kit. Then, we deployed a carefully balanced health action strategy, coordinating reminder calls with other activities to eliminate redundancy and make a greater impact. Finally, data intelligence drove timely and valuable insights from call center integration and fulfillment analytics for always-on optimization.


increase in cancer screenings in 12 months


more screenings performed year-over-year


of members voluntarily returned the kit


Improving Lives—and Saving Them

Together we drove significant program growth that continues to grow and create a better experience. Most importantly we empowered more people to get early screenings for colorectal cancer—which is the best way to save lives and prevent the need for more costly treatments.