Creating a More Human, Holistic Approach to SDoH: Reaching the Unreachable 

Reaching hard-to-reach populations takes heart, determination, and support. And it’s hard. Just because you’re communicating, doesn’t mean you’re connecting. Watch this webinar on demand to explore how health plans can make sure they meet their members where they’re at and how to navigate the complicated outreach process. 

During This Webinar You’ll Learn:

  • Current strategies that leverage non-healthcare programs to address hard-to-reach populations  
  • How navigators look at the ecosystem of a person, not just the claims data, to generate a holistic, multidimensional view of the member  
  • How to ensure you have a local network of community or charity organizations that are willing and able to help members and then custom stitch a personalized experience 
  • Why as industry leaders, we need to take a step back and find a new approach without forcing members into a model that they can’t adapt to


  • Ben Line, SVP, Complex Member Services, UnitedHealthcare 
  • Merrill Friedman, RVP, Inclusive Policy and Advocacy, Anthem 
  • Traci Massie, Director, Government Programs, Optima Health 
  • Sara Ratner, Government Programs Advisory Council Member, Icario