Small Steps to Big Wins – SDoH Interview on Health Equity, Digital Divide, and Other Hot Topics

This Rev Up 2021 session features healthcare experts for an insightful conversation about innovations improving methods for measuring ROI in SDoH programs while remaining empathetic to the member journey.

In This Thought-Provoking Panel You’ll Learn:

  • How to use data better to recognize and break barriers to care
  • Perspectives on best practices for new technology for health plans and members
  • Innovations happening for populations and communities that are the hardest to reach


  • John Gorman, Chairman, Nightingale Partners & Former Assistant Director of the Office of Managed Care (now CMS)
  • Andrey Ostrovsky, Managing Partner, Social Innovation Ventures & Former Chief Medical Officer of the US Medicaid Program
  • Michael Calogero, Chief Growth Officer, GA Foods
  • Sara Ratner, Government Programs Advisory Council Member, Icario