Rev Up 2019 offers the chance for Revel clients and partners to collaborate and learn from top thought leaders in healthcare, behavioral science, and technology.

Representatives from Revel a leading health action platform, announced Rev Up 2019, a new event to be held at the Hewing Hotel in downtown Minneapolis August 14-15, 2019. Rev Up 2019 is designed for change makers, innovators, and thought leaders passionate about making an impact in healthcare and eager to stay current with the changing healthcare landscape. The agenda for Rev Up 2019 will include forward-thinking keynote speakers, panel discussions, and sessions intended to generate healthy collaboration, spur new ideas, and change mindsets around creating healthier action for members, patients, and healthcare consumers in general.

“Rather than just another user conference, Rev Up 2019 is an event for generating new ideas and collaboration centered on promoting positive health action,” said Revel CEO Jeff Fritz.

“Our keynote speakers and panelists include leaders with fresh thinking in healthcare, leaders that sit at the intersection of health action and social determinants of health, and leaders that have a real impact on public policy and consumer healthcare choices.”


Jeff Fritz

CEO, Revel

Fritz added the conference is invite-only, and primarily designed for Revel current and prospective clients and partners.

The Rev Up 2019 agenda includes a unique combination of in-depth sessions, keynotes, panel events, and activities including a sunrise yoga session and bike rides on Minneapolis’ renowned city trails. In addition, attendees can engage with Revel health action experts in the Innovation Lab to learn more about advancements in the Revel platform. In addition, Revel’s popular health action podcast RadioRev will host a series of interviews with speakers and others associated with Rev Up 2019.


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Speakers and panel members at Rev Up 2019 include:

Kelly Brownell

Kelly Brownell, Ph.D., Director of the World Food Policy Center at Duke University and an internationally acclaimed researcher and expert on behavioral science

Nancy Lyons

Nancy Lyons, nationally known entrepreneur, CEO of Clockworks, and co-author of Interactive Project Management: Pixels, People, and Process and author of the upcoming Work Like a Boss

Faith Adams

Faith Adams, Senior Analyst at Forrester whose research focus areas include customer experience measurement and customer-centric culture

John Gorman

John Gorman, founder of Gorman Health Group, expert on government-sponsored health programs and former Clinton appointee as Assistant to the Director of HCFA (now CMS).

Archelle Georgiou

Dr. Archelle Georgiou, nationally recognized physician, advocate, advisor, and author. Between 1995 and 2007, she was a senior executive and Chief Medical Officer of UnitedHealthcare

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