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Point Solutions Member Story - Chris

Get to Know Chris

Chris is a great dad, but he doesn’t do much to take care of himself—he’s a french-fried couch potato. He’s tech-savvy, but his view can be limited to what’s right in front of him.

“I didn’t know about all the programs that are included in my health plan. It’s cool they let me know and didn’t call during dinner.”

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Know Me

  • Not able to find the programs that he needs
  • He’s not taking care of himself and doesn’t feel like he’s able to
  • With the nature of his on-demand life, text messaging proved to be effective for Chris
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Move Me

  • Helping him find the programs that would help him to address health concerns early on
  • Now Chris can reverse the effects and live a healthier, longer life

Create the spark that fires people up.

Identify members who need specific programs, then activate them with personalized engagement.

You’ve built effective programs. Now drive people to use them.

Icario partners with health and wellness organizations looking to drive enrollment and participation in their programs. We know the amount of effort it takes to build these programs effectively and the investment it takes to understand which members need you clinically.

Health Action Programs for Point Solutions
Point Solutions - Move People to Better Health

Let’s move people to better health.

When you pour time and energy into developing valuable solutions that can truly help people and bring down claims cost, you want these programs to be utilized by members that need them the most. Icario is the bridge between an eligibility file and people using your solution.

You know members clinically. We know them personally.

Icario delivers deeper insights—combining demographic, clinical, and consumer data with behavioral science to understand needs and values to personalize the member experience.

Point Solutions Personalization
Point Solutions - Drive Health Action

Create personalization that drives member action.

Icario leverages machine learning to connect with members like people—using the best message, best channel, best incentive, and best outreach sequence for the individual.

Icario Connect is a flexible health action platform that works for you.

Icario’s health action programs create a unique, more human experience on a platform that’s open, customizable, and offers real-time reporting to drive ever-better results.

Icario Platform

Outcomes That Speak Volumes

Point Solutions Health Outcomes


improvement using text in addition to interactive voice


of previously unenrolled members activated


increase in program enrollment for a cancer solution

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Smarter engagement starts here.

Discover how our platform drives health action and improves outcomes with personalized, data-driven solutions.

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