Building Utilization for Proven Programs

Building specific, effective programs is the first of many steps in executing a successful activation campaign. The real difficulty lies in what comes after the build—identifying, enrolling, and keeping people engaged is a proven obstacle in the point solution space. 

Icario partners with health and wellness organizations looking to drive enrollment and participation in their programs. We know the effort it takes building these programs effectively and the investment required to understand which members need your services. 

Pouring time and energy into developing valuable solutions that can truly help people and bring down costs, only to be under-utilized, can be disheartening and ultimately, bad for business. While the programs may be proven, building utilization is a big challenge. 

This innovative point solution partnered with Icario because we move beyond a clinical understanding of a member to get personal, leading to higher engagement rates.


Adding Outreach Channels Leads to Reduced Member Abrasion

This client came to Icario seeking a new approach—one that would move more people to a specific care management program. They were using email-only to communicate with potential enrollees and were struggling to increase enrollment. 

Based on our client’s goal to improve their program enrollment rates, Icario identified two key actions to take in order to approach this program successfully—data enrichment and smart sequencing.


Higher Connection Rates Using Data Enrichment Processes

The first key action taken was evaluating the client’s existing enrollee contact information to determine the value of enriching it. Getting better contact information wasn’t something the client had considered. Often we find the quality of contact information is lacking, so enriching it was a huge–and crucial–step in making better connections.

The second was to focus on a new omnichannel outreach approach. With the data enrichment process complete, we incorporated digital outreach channels, including text messaging, interactive voice, and email into the communication strategy. In addition, we introduced smart sequencing to determine the best channels to reach unique individuals, ultimately leading to less member abrasion. 

Better data and sequenced outreach led the personalization of the process and drove engagement from people our client hadn’t been able to previously engage.


conversion rate improvement


of those targeted interacted


improvement using text in addition to interactive voice

Outreach Experience

Considering Preferences to Make Smarter Connections

By introducing a sequenced, omnichannel outreach, people were more likely to be contacted via a channel they prefer. Further, by introducing channels beyond email, recipients were given more options and methods to interact. For example, previously the client only utilized email to engage. If recipients read the email on their computer and were then required to take action by making a phone call, this could be a barrier. 

By introducing multiple channels and several ways to interact, people communicate in a way they are most comfortable. This always leads to less abrasion and an increase in the desired action being taken. In fact, we found that by adding text messaging to a sequence with interactive voice, engagement skyrocketed.


Messages That Resonate Driving New and Desirable Health Actions

This program increased action toward the desired outcome, built more connections, and reduced abrasion. In fact, the outreach proved extremely effective. 76% of those targeted in this program interacted with the contact they received, demonstrating that when you work with Icario, your message will reach your target audience. Overall, our client was pleased with the enrollment spikes gained in this program, meaning people were taking the desired action.