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Icario Health Action Platform

Everyone thinks they’re different. They’re right.

Icario Connect uses data science, behavioral research, multi-channel tools, and smart rewards and incentives to help you connect personally with your members. We know what they want, how they like to connect, and what moves them to take action.

Help people live longer, healthier, happier lives.

When people take proactive steps for better health, healthcare organizations get healthier.

Data and Insights

Data & Insights

Icario Data Enrichment combines your member data with ours to turn lines on a spreadsheet into living, breathing people.

behavioral research and quantitative data

Behavioral Research

Our proprietary behavioral research and quantitative data advance your knowledge of members from clinical to deeply personal.

Multi-Channel Approach

Multi-Channel Approach

Intelligently match the right messages, channels, and outreach sequences to each individual to drive the right health actions.

Rewards and Incentives

Rewards & Incentives

Leverage our loyalty and member satisfaction know-how to drive positive behavior change and boost plan performance.

Real-Time Reporting & Optimization

Real-Time Reporting & Optimization

Icario Connect continually optimizes channels, sequencing, incentives, and other levers to maximize your results.

Performance-Based Pricing

Performance-Based Pricing

Icario is a health action company that delivers results. You don’t pay for promises. You only pay for outcomes.

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Quality & Risk

Close gaps and open the door to better results.

Intelligently motivating people to do good things for their health that improves quality and drives plan performance. Common programs include:

  • Health Risk Assessment
  • HEDIS Gap Closure
  • HOS

Icario realized a 94% HRA completion rate

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Connecting to Care

Build relationships using a multi-channel approach to improve health.

Engaging members with specific health needs, then moving them to appropriate care with personalized engagement. Common programs include:

  • Social Determinants of Health Survey
  • Care Management
  • Enrollment

Icario motivated 74% of previously unenrolled members to enroll

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Member Experience

Go beyond checking boxes.

Raising the bar on member satisfaction by gaining valuable insights and driving health action. Common programs include:

  • Experience Assessment
  • Satisfaction

Icario drove 72% engagement from targeted members using intelligent incentives