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Health Risk Assessment

Check all the boxes with smarter engagement.

When done right, surveys like HRAs can move members down the right path to better health efficiently and cost-effectively.

Health Risk Assessment

Icario was able to increase HRA completions by 2x+.

Health Risk Assessment

Preventive Action - Health Screenings

Gaps in Care

Help members live longer, healthier, happier lives.

How do you motivate health people to get life and health-saving screenings? We have data, incentives, and results.

Breast Cancer Screening

Icario was able to reach 94% of members with only 2.2 outreach attempts.

Diabetes Care Gap Closure

Icario was able to move 89.6% of respondents to complete the health action.

Medication Adherence

Open the door to better results with personalized engagement to increase compliance.

Boost engagement and build connections with members, ensuring medication adherence.

Improving Medication Adherence

32% of reward redemptions came through digital channels.

Comprehensive Medication Review

Icario achieved a 10x improvement in completion rate.

Open the door to better results with personalized engagement to increase compliance

Create meaningful, measurable connections with members

Member Connection

Create meaningful, measurable connections with members.

Empower members to not only improve their health with smart sequencing and intelligent incentives, but boost their perception of it, too.

How Icario Impacts CAHPS and HOS Scores

91% of enrolled members rated their physical health as improved throughout the course of the program.

Risk Adjustment

The member-focused way to accurately capture risk adjustment revenue.

Target members with personalized messages to increase Annual Wellness Visits to not only identify risk, but establish a relationship and improve health outcomes.

Annual Wellness Visit

Icario increased AWVs by 10% for one of the largest national health plans in the US.

Engaging Members to Identify Risk

Icario activated 17k+ members with a 65% HRA completion rate.

member-focused way t capture risk adjustment revenue
Medicaid Moms and Babies cta

Healthy Parent & Baby

Improving care for parents and their babies at all stages of pregnancy.

Engage and motivate parents and new mothers to complete high-value health actions to keep their babies thriving.

Improving Engagement with Parents on Medicaid

3x more health actions were taken per infant by parents engaged in Icario programs.

Icario Platform Demo

Technology so advanced, it’s human.

Let’s connect with members like they’re humans, drive them to take health action, and most importantly—improve outcomes.

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