Motivating People to Complete a Health Risk Assessment

Getting members to fill out a lengthy HRA can be a difficult task. Couple with the reality that this health plan was only using one outreach channel—direct mail—they partnered with Icario on an innovative new solution to drive better health risk assessment completion results.

This health plan had a goal to not only increase their completion rates, but they wanted to capture early member health history in order to help their members take preventive actions sooner rather than later to avoid serious interventions in the future.


Creating an Omnichannel Approach to Drive Engagement

Icario began this program by leveraging the health plan’s existing HRA content and using their established engagement channel to capture HRAs—direct mail. Then, we added more engagement channels and incorporated Icario’s messaging that is derived from past program results and field research.


Validating and Enriching Contact Information for Better Results

From the start, the health plan was focused on three main goals in the program: increase completion rates, identify member risks, and ensure low member abrasion. Icario took the information the health plan provided, validated the contact information, and added new and updated information on members to better understand which engagement channels would be most effective for each member. This built confidence with the health plan and allowed Icario to engage members more intelligently early on.

One of the reasons this program was effective was because our platform drew upon past Icario experience to create sequencing to reach members in the right way. Simply mailing out paper HRAs wasn’t working for the entire population. By introducing a forward-thinking outreach model we were able to get more members to complete the survey.


of members who completed the HRA had not completed one the previous year


increase in HRA completions


of members chose a new channel to use to complete the HRA

Member Experience

Building Trust Between Members and Their Health Plan

Medicare Advantage members in this program were contacted using an omnichannel engagement approach using both digital and physical engagement methods based on member preferences and the results of the data enrichment completed at the start of the program.

Once a member completed their HRA, our Member Action Plan provided members with customized health resource information to further support them in the areas they have gaps. In some cases, members were directed to schedule an appointment with their doctor to talk about the health concerns uncovered in the HRA, helping close gaps in care.

This approach improved the overall member experience because it empowered members to understand and learn more about their care management options. More importantly, it helped to build trust between members and the health plan because this supplemental information showed members that the health plan cared about them.

From a care management perspective, it allowed the health plan to look at the HRA data collected to identify gaps in care, find the high-risk members, and forward them on to care managers right away. This ability to act quickly demonstrated that the health plan was listening and care about helping their members. This ultimately helped reduce costs by intervening early and getting members to the programs and care they need.

A closed loop HRA allowed our client to collect information about their members, show them that they’re being heard, and that they’re working quickly to support members with additional plan resources.


The Power of Implementing an Omnichannel Approach

We found that the omnichannel approach worked incredibly well for this population. It gave members options to complete their HRA, resulting in completion rates the health plan had never achieved in the past.

12+ years of best practices allowed Icario to reinvent this health plan’s HRA survey, reduce the HRA completion time, and offered members easy access to complete it.

Together we drove the highest HRA completion rates ever experienced by this client, and created a better, more personal member experience that showed this health plan truly cares about their members.