Icario, the healthcare industry’s largest health action company, today announced a new partnership with ConnectureDRX, the leading Medicare Advantage shopping and enrollment solution that provides consumers and agents with a superior experience for identifying which Medicare Advantage plan best fits their needs. Under the partnership, ConnectureDRX will integrate the Icario Connect platform to create a seamless experience for both agents and new members.

Most health plans wait to collect member data required to assess health risk and recommend supplement benefits until after the beneficiary becomes a member in the Medicare Advantage plan, leading to a cumbersome and clunky multi-step member engagement process.

The Icario-ConnectureDRX partnership streamlines the experience for members by allowing agents or consumers who enroll in Medicare Advantage plans using ConnectureDRX software to provide and collect valuable information at the time of enrollment, simplifying the process for both members and health plan teams while also providing plans with key clinical data that can be used for risk assessment.

“ConnectureDRX and Icario’s combined capabilities create a win-win situation for Medicare Advantage plans because it helps them collect critical information to enable them to improve the member experience, which impacts satisfaction ratings. The partnership provides instant value to our joint customers and also creates more attractive solutions for plans that need to boost risk assessment and member satisfaction.”


Steve Wigginton

CEO, Icario

“We help millions of consumers each year shop for and enroll in Medicare Advantage plans, and this partnership with Icario will make the experience for those consumers even stronger,” said Grant Hoffman, executive vice president at ConnectureDRX. “The move creates in-house benefits as well, including more efficient workflows for enrollment teams, ultimately saving consumers, carriers, brokers, and call centers even more time.”

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