NovuHealth, the healthcare industry’s leading consumer engagement company, today announced a new solution to help Medicaid plans optimize member engagement to improve health outcomes and plan performance. NovuHealth’s Medicaid Member Engagement Solution motivates members to complete high-value health care activities that positively impact quality, outcomes and costs.

Medicaid covers more people than ever, and costs are on the rise. Spending grew to nearly $582 billion in 2017, according to the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services, accounting for 17% of national health expenditures. The program provides coverage to about one in five Americans, according to the Kaiser Family Foundation, including many with complex and costly healthcare needs. For most members, there are no other affordable health insurance options available.

“Serving Medicaid populations is one of the most urgent—yet challenging—priorities health plans face today. Regulations vary by state, consumer eligibility is highly volatile, and social determinants of health, such as food insecurity or lack of transportation, inhibit consumers’ access to care,” said Eileen Cianciolo, Chief Product Officer at NovuHealth. “NovuHealth can help health plans overcome some of these challenges, motivating historically unengaged or hard-to-reach members to complete high-value healthcare activities that improve their health, reduce care costs, and enhance plan performance—while increasing member satisfaction with the plan as well.”

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NovuHealth’s Medicaid Member Engagement Solution leverages proven consumer loyalty and behavioral science strategies to deliver targeted and personalized one-to-one engagement. The solution can be tailored to optimize health outcomes for specific Medicaid populations, such as expectant mothers or those with asthma or diabetes. The solution helps health plans:

  • Determine the most valuable healthcare activities that can improve both member health and plan performance, including diabetes care, cholesterol screening, blood pressure management, and more
  • Identify population segments, such as adolescent, diabetic or mom-and-baby populations, that need to close critical care gaps
  • Personalize the consumer experience with tailored messages that resonate with members and unique rewards, such as gift cards for those who complete a cancer screening or strollers for mothers who complete well-child visits
  • Reach members in their preferred channels with an integrated, multi-channel communication platform that includes email, texts, online, phone calls, and mail

NovuHealth’s Medicaid Member Engagement Solution Delivers Results for Large National Health Plan

One large national health plan has achieved significant improvement in both member engagement and closed care gaps by leveraging the NovuHealth solution for the past two years, offering it to more than 300,000 members across 10 states.

From 2016 to 2018, NovuHealth helped the plan increase overall member participation in the program by 147%. Over that same period, the number of care gaps closed increased by 60%. Analyzing data from several individual states, NovuHealth also found that members who engage in the program are 36% more likely to stay with the plan.