New Solution Helps Plans Address the Increasing Importance of Member Experience for Star Ratings

NovuHealth, the healthcare industry’s leading consumer engagement company, today announced its new Member Satisfaction Solution to help Medicare Advantage plans enhance the member experience and boost satisfaction. Specifically, the solution helps plans impact Consumer Assessment of Healthcare Providers and Systems [CAHPS®] measure scores by proactively addressing the most common sources of member dissatisfaction.

Health plans today are increasingly focused on improving the experience and satisfaction of their members. CAHPS currently comprises approximately 20% of a Medicare Advantage plan’s Star Rating, a 5-point quality rating for Medicare plans. However, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) has increased the weight of patient experience and access measures, making CAHPS scores even more crucial for plans. Improving scores has been historically challenging, though, because the survey is highly subjective and anonymous, and it uses a random sample of members. In addition, it measures many aspects that are out of a plan’s control, such as member satisfaction with providers.

NovuHealth’s Member Satisfaction Solution counters these challenges by proactively addressing the most common sources of member dissatisfaction, ultimately enhancing the member experience, improving member satisfaction, and positively impacting CAHPS measure ratings. NovuHealth also leverages predictive analytics to help health plans focus on the most crucial segments of their population, including the dissatisfied and unengaged.

“There is increased urgency for health plans to improve CAHPS measures, yet moving the needle can seem out of reach for many plans,” said Eileen Cianciolo, Chief Product Officer at NovuHealth. “Our Member Satisfaction Solution uses proprietary predictive analytics to help plans identify members who are unengaged or dissatisfied—and then engages them with plan benefits that support their health and well-being.”

The solution uses a combination of personalized content and communication channels to keep members informed and engaged with their plan benefits, helping them avoid or mitigate common frustrations that can arise around access to care and their relationships with their plan and providers.

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