Today Revel announces a new member assessment program to identify SDoH priorities for health plans.

Representatives from Revel, the nation’s leading health action platform, announced today they have broken new ground with a tool that helps identify and prioritize the most effective social determinants of health (SDoH) programs. Revel’s Social Determinants of Health Assessment is an advanced, multi-channel outreach program that uses leading edge technology to gather behavioral information about social determinants within member populations. The goal of the assessment is to help health plans more clearly understand the unique needs of these populations to better target programs and services that can deliver the greatest impact. Revel’s advanced technology can engage each member in a personalized way, based on an in depth understanding of individual needs and preferences.

“It can be challenging to uncover the largest social barriers to wellness within our communities. As a result, the industry has struggled to know which programs will make the biggest impact,” said Jeff Fritz, CEO of Revel.

“Revel’s SDoH Assessment uses the most advanced methods in behavioral research to unlock the view of people’s unique needs within certain communities. With this tool, health plans can better match health programs to the community members, ultimately helping members live healthier lives.”


Jeff Fritz

CEO, Revel

Revel’s health assessment program is designed to collect information on social determinants of health as:

  • Biology and genetics, including sex and race
  • Language and literacy, including preferred language for client communications and materials
  • Individual behavior, including alcohol use, injection drug use, unprotected sex, and smoking
  • Social environment, including discrimination, income, and gender
  • Physical environment, including food availability, transportation, and crowding
  • Health services, including access to medical care, health literacy, and engagement

Using best practices in behavioral research and data science, Revel’s offering captures the attention of members and investigates the social barriers that impact them. Based on each member’s unique needs, Revel’s advanced technology then prompts members to engage with resources and take health action in real time. Additionally, health plans gain a clear, concise understanding of each member and a new view of population health that informs a data-driven strategy to prioritize the right SDoH programs for their populations.

“While many healthcare organizations are quite sophisticated when it comes to health risk assessments, programs targeting social determinants need to go beyond typical health risk assessments and focus on the broader and non-healthcare needs of the population,” said Sara Ratner, SVP Government Programs & Strategic Initiatives for Revel and a leading expert within the healthcare industry. “The SDoH Assessment is groundbreaking in that it informs much more effective and personalized strategies to reach the end goal of helping people live healthier lives. Engagement around interventions focused on social determinants of health provides the largest opportunity to help transform health plan member and patient lives, which is why Revel’s SDoH Assessment is one of the most important initiatives we’ve ever offered.”