Icario, the healthcare industry’s leading consumer engagement company, today announced an agreement with AlohaCare, a leading health plan in Hawai`i, to engage the plan’s Medicaid members to close important healthcare gaps.

AlohaCare will implement Icario’s Medicaid Quality Solution, which motivates historically disengaged members to take advantage of their access to healthcare services, such as prenatal and well-baby visits. Icario boosts member engagement by applying behavioral science strategies and its omni-channel communications platform to create a highly personalized member experience. The result: improved health outcomes and plan performance.

“Motivating some of our Medicaid members to engage proactively in their health has been an ongoing challenge that’s been exacerbated during the global pandemic. With Icario’s expertise and successful track record in engaging members, more of our members will receive the care they need.”


Francoise Culley-Trotman

CEO, AlohaCare

“Icario is honored to be chosen by AlohaCare as the platform to engage with and improve the health of AlohaCare’s members throughout Hawai`i,” said Steve Wigginton, CEO of Icario.

“Icario’s recent merger with Icario will further benefit AlohaCare in the months ahead as we integrate breakthrough applied behavioral research and health action technologies to engage Medicaid members and increase access to AlohaCare’s best-in-class health plan and network of providers.”


Steve Wigginton

CEO, Icario

About AlohaCare

AlohaCare is a community-led, non-profit health plan founded in 1994 by Hawai`i’s community health centers and is the only local health plan solely dedicated to serving statewide beneficiaries of Hawai`i’s QUEST Integration (Medicaid) and Medicare Special Needs Plan program. For more information, visit www.alohacare.org.

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