Just as this year heralded big changes in the healthcare industry, so has Revel transformed to meet the needs of plans, providers, and healthcare consumers themselves. And so we wrap up this year with a collection of our most popular stories in 2017.

  1. Providers and payer organizations must now think “customers,” not “patients,” with the goal of creating continued, unbroken relationships that foster long-term health and wellness. The evidence for the benefits of enhanced customer engagement is compelling. In 7 Reasons Member Experience is Shifting to a Healthcare Customer Experience we about ways we can use the knowledge base of other industries to deliver personalized, human interactions via “high touch” healthcare.


  2. Health Risk Assessments (HRA’s) are the gateway to engagement. In this piece Improving Healthcare Quality Ratings with Meaningful Engagement, Revel explains why payers and providers can shift their focus to outcomes, including personalized wellness programs, that directly impact CMS Star ratings.


  3. We can never forget that the third leg of the Triple Aim of healthcare is reduced costs for healthcare organizations. In 3 Surprising Ways Higher Healthcare Engagement Equals Lower Costs the experts at Revel break down the connection between meaningful engagement with healthcare consumers and lower overall costs.
  1. Educating members not only increases satisfaction ratings and helps strengthen engagement, it leads to higher Star Ratings. But merely writing good content is not enough. Kristy Krueger, VP of Marketing at Revel, lays out five ways to write so that consumers really engage with your content, and how to drive the right messages to achieve your goals in her piece 5 Genius Examples for High Performance Health Engagement Content.


  2. In our experience strong health engagement requires a coherent, integrated strategy. It takes more than objectives, timelines, budgets and performance metrics. The right health action strategy will inform, guide and power members forward at each stage of the member experience. In 4 Building Blocks to an Effective Health Engagement Strategy Revel takes on the most important components of an effective member engagement strategy.

We hope you’ve found these blogs and others this year to be beneficial for your organization.