Our 5-week healthcare innovation series, Rev Up 2020, has gone by in a flash. Having hoped we’d be able to host this conference in person before the arrival of the COVID-19 pandemic, we shifted to a virtual format, not knowing where this new approach would lead. 

In the end, we came out the other side with record attendance, partnership from diverse, unparalleled healthcare leaders contributing to each panel session, and feedback from the audience that supported our theory that virtual conferences can be effective.

Over the last 5 weeks we heard from 21 distinctive voices across the healthcare spectrum on topics ranging from personalized healthcare to innovations in social determinants of health. We got to sit in on conversations between thought leaders discussing implicit bias, challenges in member engagement, and the ‘new normal’ of healthcare member experience. 

We could write a book highlighting all of the insights drawn from these sessions, but here’s a recap of our 5 favorites.

#1—The ‘Upstream’ Effect: What Makes Us Get Sick

Dr. Rishi Manchanda led the kickoff to Rev Up 2020 with a keynote talk about what it means to move upstream. There was a lot to be gleaned from this conversation, but a key insight was the power of partnership—a theme that permeated throughout Rev Up. 

The take-home here was when you’re tasked with figuring out how to prioritize populations when you see so many levels of SDoH on top of several gaps in care, you need to find partners in the public health department that have already been working to identify them. Dr. Manchanda noted, “finding a buddy is key.”

For the full session summary of Dr. Manchanda’s talk, read this post

“Leading where you can lead, partnering where you can partner, and supporting broader efforts to improve public health and structural determinants of health equity are how you can take action and move upstream effectively.”


Dr. Rishi Manchanda

Rev Up 2020 Keynote
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#2—How Personalization in Healthcare Truly Impacts the Individual

Our first panel discussion of Rev Up dove into how treating people like unique individuals has the greatest impact on health outcomes, the hurdles healthcare organizations face, and how we can continue driving forward to make healthcare work for everyone, no matter what they’re facing.

One of the key insights from this session was about thinking of members and patients as the unique individuals that they are, rather than at the population level. As we’re working to solve complex problems, sometimes the individual gets lost along the way and in order for personalization to thrive in healthcare, we can never lose sight of who we’re doing this for—real, living, breathing individuals.

For the full summary of this session, read this post or watch it on-demand.

“We’re all trying to do the right thing for the patient or the member. The problem is we’re not talking about individuals—we’re talking about ‘patients’ and ‘members’. That’s the first step.”


Tom Lindquist

CEO, Allina | Aetna

#3—The 1, 2 Punch of Innovation and Member Experience for Health Action

The week of August 18th, our panelists focused the conversation on member experience, addressing how important collaboration is becoming and why humanity in healthcare is more important than ever. 

Healthcare without compassion, especially in COVID-19 times, feels a bit cruel and unusual. Our healthcare workers are putting themselves at risk every day and we need to make sure they have all the support they need to do this work. On the member side, healthcare experiences are changing, behaviors have shifted, innovation in care delivery continues to evolve, and the need for mental health support is skyrocketing. Luckily, we have seen humanity work it’s way back into healthcare, both for members and consumers, as well as care providers in light of COVID-19.

For the full summary of this session, read this post or watch it on-demand.

“We need to continue to find ways that blend people and technology that’s affordable and equitable to meet the highest needs.”


Brian Kalis

Managing Director, Digital Health & Innovation, Accenture Health

#4—Social Determinants Up Close & Personal

Our first social determinants of health panel covered a tremendous amount of ground, focusing the conversation on social determinants of health and the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, including a discussion about implicit bias and the impact on healthcare delivery.

The impact of implicit bias in any setting can be devastating, but the stakes are even higher in a healthcare setting. If someone is subject to implicit biases that are negative, it can have an adverse impact on their health. By recognizing implicit bias, acknowledging it, and taking action against it, we’re moving in the right direction to ensure that anyone that seeks care will receive fair and equal treatment.

For the full summary of this session, read this post or watch it on-demand.

“It’s a human thing to have implicit bias—awareness, recognition, and action are critical. There’s a lot of room for improvement here, but implicit bias is about recognizing and acting on those things within ourselves.”


Adaeze Enekwechi, PhD, MPP

President, IMPAQ

#5—Bold Innovations in SDoH & What to Expect Next

The finale session of Rev Up covered a variety of social determinant related topics, including the complexities of SDoH and why data plays such a significant role in successful SDoH interventions. 

Over the years we’ve learned that personalized member experiences are born out of strong data and solid analytics. While it seems counterintuitive that humanizing SDoH interventions starts with data, that’s exactly what we’re finding.

For the full summary of this session, read this post or watch it on-demand.

“Data and analytics are critical to know what’s going on in a household long before you walk through the doorway in order to provide effective interventions.”


John Gorman

Chairman, Nightingale Partners

Join us for Rev Up 2021

We plan to bring Rev Up back in-person next year in Minneapolis! Stay connected with us and make sure to bookmark revupshow.com and check back often for the latest announcements regarding Rev Up 2021. We can’t wait to see you in-person next year!

Rev Up 2020 Survey Winners & Charities Supported

Last, but certainly not least, we want to thank everyone who took the time to provide us feedback at the end of each session. We take your comments seriously and always strive to apply them as we go!

Each week we drew a name to receive a $100 donation to the charity of the winner’s choice. Below are the winners and the organizations we were able to support this year.

  • Cassandra Burrell, Tamarac Elementary Parent/Teacher Association
  • Stephanie Hayden, Prior Lake Athletics for Youth
  • Melissa Palardy, No Kid Hungry
  • Michelle Joyce, to be announced
  • Nhuy Nguyen, Kijabe Hospital

Thanks to everyone for your fantastic and productive feedback!